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Coaching, Speaking and Facilitating for Higher Education Leaders

Working in an academic world is
distinct from corporate America


Higher education leaders need support just as executives in other industries do, yet the context and goals are different than those of private, profit driven industries. With 30 years of experience in higher education, I understand the unique context you face.

Developing your own leadership capacity to effectively support your campus team is imperative. Your investment in coaching, training and development should reflect the unique challenges you face such as curriculum delivery, shared governance, system oversight and accreditation, academic tradition, and public discourse that continually pressure your work.

Investing in professional development for yourself and your team helps you successfully meet the challenges of your institution. Without enough support, you may face burnout, conflict, and reduced outcomes; now more than ever, effective campus leadership is essential!  Executive coaching is a form of leadership development that helps fill leadership gaps by sharpening the skills of current and emerging leaders. The stakes are high; I would love to help you succeed.

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

Community College Senior Administrator

“Knowing she spent so many years in higher education means I know she really ‘gets it.’ Her vulnerability in sharing personal stories and her ability to relate concepts to everyday life was a game-changer in terms of being able to really use this learning back at the office. On my campus we are always driving some sort of campus change; Kristen's experience and expertise was perfectly on target to address the challenges I faced.”

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

Versatile Higher
Education Background

With three decades in community colleges, I have the unique experience of working across divisions to lead significant campus initiatives and oversee operations related to a broad array of campus reform initiatives and activities. I served as:

  • Chief Academic Officer/Provost

  • Chief Student Affairs Officer

  • Senior Lead for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Dean of Liberal Arts

  • Professor of Communication

  • Chair of Teaching Center

  • Senior Advisor

  • Grant Coordinator

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My academic expertise is in human communication including interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and leadership. 


This broad education experience is coupled with credentials as an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation (the “gold standard” of coach credentialing) with certifications in leadership, mediation, change, mindfulness and resilience. This portfolio prepares me to support you with skills that can be immediately applied on your campus and in your leadership teams.

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Participant in a Higher Ed. Leadership Resilience Session

“This workshop was so encouraging and motivational! As a hopeful administrator, this session informed my leadership ability and others on my team with relevant, actionable tools. I appreciated Kristen’s authenticity and the real life applications she shared. This work can be exhausting, so approaching leadership challenges through a lens of resilience really resonated and was very timely.” 

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