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Build Resilience to Live,
Lead and Thrive

Dive into the idea of “bouncing forward” instead of just “bouncing back.” Learn some easily applicable strategies and discover the personal power you have to thrive in all areas of life and career. This masterclass will give you a whole new outlook on how to build your resilience in advance of facing challenge so you can live, lead, and thrive. 

You will learn:

  • An expanded definition of resilience and why it’s important

  • 6 benefits of proactively building resilience so that life feels more balanced

  • An introduction to bouncing forward vs. bouncing back and why it makes all the difference

  • Easy to use strategies for growing resilience (it’s all about putting it into action!)

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Beyond Emotional Intelligence:
How Understanding Neuroscience
Improves Leadership Performance

Understanding how your brain works can significantly improve your performance at work and in life. In this brief but powerful masterclass Kristen uncovers important information about the brain that helps you regulate your nervous system to change your behaviors and improve your leadership performance. In less than an hour you’ll learn four simple but highly effective “Brain Training” practices that you can apply right away on your path toward a more integrated and balanced life. Reduce stress, avoid burnout, get in touch with your body and learn to be your best self by understanding the neuroscience behind your stress response.

Knowledge is power and this masterclass puts the power of your brain in your hands. 

You are the leader of your life, and using practices that train your brain will put you on the path to the vibrant life and career you are seeking. 

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Hit Reset & Step into a Resilient Future

Now is the time to step into the life you want! Learn practical tools to take charge of your future and transform your life and work by understanding more about yourself, building clarity and confidence and building a personal plan for action. This course will guide you through the steps and stages to reset from overwhelm, get balanced and create a personal plan for your future that is fully aligned with your values and strengths. After this course you'll be ready for your resilient and vibrant future! 

You will learn to:

  • reset yourself using strategies to manage stress and understand your nervous system

  • enhance your self acceptance and quiet your inner critic 

  • recognize your strengths and values to build a plan that aligns with who you are by using the Life Dashboard tool

  • build your own Resilience Portfolio - a personalized collection of resources, practices and possibilities to support you on your path 

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The Resilient Leader

In this signature experience, you will:

  • Increase your capacity to manage your nervous system so you can adapt to challenge in healthy ways 
  • Build positive relationships and a trusting community through connected communication
  • Learn how mindfulness practices can influence your leadership and shift your responses
  • Heal old conditioned behaviors that create disconnection and learn to replace “barrier behaviors” with compassion and courage
  • Open to the deep meaning, joy, and abundance present even amidst the many demands we face
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Megan Clifford

Megan Clifford LCSW, Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Instructor

"I was thrilled to work with Kristen when I launched a new solo business after 18 years working for other people. She provided encouragement and challenged me to push myself in directions I had not thought of to create the new practice I wanted!. She helped me shift my thinking when I had setbacks and reframe them as learning opportunities. She was always available for consultation when I had questions. I highly recommend Kristen for professional coaching services."