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Coaching empowers smart professionals like you to transform your way of being so you become the leader of your own life. Inspiring leaders are intentional learners who can make bold choices based on clear values, use strengths to fulfill potential, live authentically and lead consciously in meaningful connection with others. Coaching is a commitment to yourself to create the transformation you are yearning for!

Feel More Balanced! "Ground & Go in 10 Minutes or Less." 

Barbara Wilcox

Barbara Wilcox, Rochester Works

"Coaching with Kristen gave me the reinforcement to push me back on my path and move forward with a clear mind and real strategies. Her strengths-based approach helped me embrace my truest self. It was magical.”

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

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I work with growth-oriented professionals (like YOU) to build confidence, presence, and self belief so you can take the next steps toward the vibrant life and career you want. I'll hold space for you to create the strategies and mindset to take concrete steps in pursuit of your goals.


This is not about lip service - I’ll help you connect insight to action by clarifying what you really want and dismantling the obstacles holding you back (that you may not even be aware of). We'll work together to build your portfolio of mindful practices, communication and reflection strategies, and bold decision-making skills. It's time to follow your own North Star Wisdom to live and lead with vision, commitment and vitality.

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Andrea Snyder

Andrea Snyder, Pioneer Library services

"Kristen brings an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise to her coaching and training; she genuinely works to make sure everyone is set up for success. She comes from a place of compassion and meets people where they are to build their self awareness & increase skills to move forward while also recognizing the strengths they already have."

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

Trish P., Senior VP Vertical Marketing

I just wanted to let you know that the team meeting went great - literally everyone is raving about it!! One of my colleagues even shared really kind comments at the end about my role in making it a success and highlighting my unique skillset… and to top it off my channel hit one of their main goals for the year – woo! Separately, I was selected for the other project we spoke about and received my first task. I am so excited for it and think it will be a great creative outlet for me… And my oldest started preschool – busy week with so many exciting things! I think this is what you meant when you said I had the opportunity to design a really full (and fulfilling) life!” 

Motivational Speaking on Conscious Leadership, Resilience and Creating A Vibrant Life

Inspire your audience with insight and practical tools to live and lead with resilience and connection. Shift from surviving to thriving.

You need a speaker who can captivate your audience with an engaging message that resonates and uplifts, provides practical knowledge and delivers real value. Your keynote is the defining piece of your event; you need more than just an hour of engagement - you want an experience that moves people to change, catalyzes new ideas and impacts the culture of your organization.

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Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

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