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Dynamic Group Sessions that Build
Trust, Engagement and Performance


High performing teams are made up of members who trust each other, are emotionally intelligent, skilled communicators with a clear sense of purpose and an understanding of their own ability to move positive change forward. A strong team means you all can accomplish goals more effectively with a spirit of positive engagement, genuine appreciation and a work culture characterized by vitality and meaningful work. 

Create a Shared Foundation that
Makes You All Stronger

Bringing teams together to improve communication, co-create goals and explore personal and organizational values develops trust and establishes a shared understanding as a foundation for collaborative work.


Invest in your yourself and your team relationships to watch your organization reap the benefits! Team sessions provide benefits including shared vocabulary, enhanced interaction and engagement and can build on previous sessions.


If desired, group sessions can be combined with one-on-one coaching sessions to focus on the development of the team leader or on individual team members.


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Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

Andrea Snyder, Pioneer Library services

“I could feel the energy in the room shift in a positive way as the group moved through the training. People were engaged, energized, and interacting a lot with each other and Kristen. They left the session feeling like they had a new set of skills in their tool bag.  Immediately after the session, I was hearing feedback that people wanted me to bring Kristen back for future professional development opportunities.”

Invest in your Team
with Customized Content

Because each team is unique, interactive sessions are adapted to your needs. Work can focus on a particular project or be designed to improve communication, build trust and inclusion or activate newly formed teams. 

With 20+ years experience as a Professor of Communication and 10 years in senior leadership positions, creating engaging content and interactive learning is an area of expertise I love sharing with organizations to help them thrive.

After a focused consultation about your needs and goals, I’ll create content specifically for your group. Below are sample session titles that demonstrate the breadth of options I have delivered:

  • Build a Culture of Resilience: Personal and Organizational Resilience Practices
  • Becoming a Conscious Leader
  • Beyond Emotional Intelligence to Thriving in Connection.
  • Hitting Reset: Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm, Ease Burnout and Find Balance
  • Powerful Leadership Strategies for Women
  • Essential Leadership Strategies for New Leaders
  • Effective Communication and Relationship Building to Improve Performance
  • Easing Difficult Conversations and Managing Conflict with Confidence
  • The Art and Science of Giving Effective Feedback
  • Reimagining Executive Presence to Lead Authentically from Your Strengths
  • Leading Teams (and Yourself) Through Transition and Change
  • Leading for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Tapping the Leader Within: Developing a Personal Leadership Vision and Philosophy
  • Building a Success Mindset: Unleashing Potential and Taking Action
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Bring team performance, trust & engagement to the next level.


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