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Motivational Speaking on 

Leadership, Resilience and Creating A Vibrant Life

Inspire your audience with insight and practical tools to live and lead with resilience and connection.

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You need a speaker who can captivate your audience with an engaging message that resonates and uplifts, provides practical knowledge and delivers real value.


Your keynote is the defining piece of your event; you need more than just an hour of engagement - you want an experience that moves people to change and impacts the culture of your organization.

As a speaker who has also organized events, Kristen understands the impact, and the challenge, of finding a speaker who energizes an audience and shares insight, knowledge and learning. Whether you’re organizing an event for employees, association members or individual ticket holders, the stakes are high! You may only get one or two events per year, you don’t want audiences bored, walking out or complaining about an underwhelming talk.

What can you expect if you hire

Kristen as your speaker?

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach


Personal, Responsive, Practical, and Inspiring. 

  • Customized Content. Before every speaking engagement, Kristen will consult with you to discover the goals of your event and the needs of your audience to ensure that the message is aligned with your desired outcomes. No pre-fab, standardized talks here.
  • Responsive Communication. From start to finish she will work with you to accommodate your needs in a professional and personable way. No crazy demands, just practical planning, and delivery with a focus on service.
  • Authentic Presence. With 30 years of experience in the leadership learning space, Kristen shares relatable stories, includes many perspectives, opens up with tales of her own foibles and failings, and reminds the audience that we are all in this together.
  • Uplifting and Motivational. With a deep and genuine belief in the innate personal power we each have to make change in our lives and the beauty of our unique strengths and lived experiences, her content is captivating and inclusive.
  • Practical Knowledge. Audiences walk away with clear takeaways they can apply immediately. In addition to inspirational ideas, Kristen includes easily applicable strategies so listeners are ready to apply them in life and work. Your audience will understand how the content can make a difference in their lives.
Kristen Fragnoli speaks for

Anne Walton, eCornell

“Kristen is a dynamic and charismatic leader whose speaking skills reverberate within you, urging you to strive for more, to achieve greater goals, to lift others up.” 

Kristen Fragnoli believes in resilience

Resilience & Flourishing

Building personal and organizational resilience is not just about pushing through adversity and surviving the tough stuff; it's about building a full and flourishing life.

Kristen shares how using proactive resilience practices prepares you for the inevitable challenge you’ll face while ALSO filling your life with connection and joy.

She’ll teach you to Bounce Forward to be a stronger leader, partner, and parent.

Kristen Fragnoli believes in redefining leadership

Redefining Leadership

Traditional models of leadership haven’t created all the change we seek in this complex world. Uncertainty continues and requires new models of leadership

By Redefining what we consider to be the key characteristics of good leadership to include mindful practices and traits such as compassion, joy, and courage, we can achieve new outcomes - more connection, equity, inclusion, innovation, balance and more.

Kristen Fragnoli believes in radical connection.

Radical Connection

Being deeply connected to ourselves is the precursor to being deeply connected to others. Radical Connection is the key to an engaged life.

When we are deeply self-aware we can think in new ways; when we are self-compassionate we build our capacity to be compassionate with others when we learn to be mindful we reveal and release internal biases.; When we slow down, breathe and connect with others in an open and accepting way, we can create change together.

Kristen Fragnoli believes in women leading with authenticity.

Women Leading with Authenticity

Women bring incredible skill sets to leadership, yet often are coached to change the way they think and act - to “lean in” and sacrifice so they can navigate career and life balance.

Instead of striving to change, Kristen inspires women leaders to own their own strengths, tap their courage and lead with feminine power skills to create a vibrant, integrated life and career based on what they want.

Kristen is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has been on stage in front of national audiences for years and knows how to make virtual experiences interactive and engaging.


Grounded in practical experience and an enthusiastic, warm style, she combines her experiences as a leader in higher education and an entrepreneur with practical tools to improve performance and insights that inspire.


She’ll motivate and enliven your audience while also leaving them with clear action steps to be more resilient, connected, and successful.


She authentically incorporates stories, tools, and practices that can be applied in professional teams and in personal life to create a more connected and engaging life and career.

Kristen Fragnoli | Life & Leadership Coach
Kristen's Media Kit

Nancy Church, UR Medicine Thompson Health

“I hired Kristen when I was looking for someone to engage, educate and inspire our community.  I was impressed by her knowledge, her ease of delivery and very effective speaking skills. She empowered attendees with practical skills to enhance their well being. She is very knowledgeable, well prepared, professional and easy to work with. She was flexible and adjusted to meet our needs; she even remained afterward to talk individually with people to answer questions and demonstrate specific techniques in mindfulness that support a healthy life balance."

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Kristen Fragnoli Bio

Kristen is the owner of Quest Potential Coaching, LLC. She is a certified Life and Leadership Coach, inspirational speaker, and radical connector who supports smart professionals to build a vibrant, connected life and career. Using an integrated approach to personal and professional development, she helps clients tap their natural strengths, build resilience, and enhance mindful leadership skills to make positive change in the world.

She knows we are naturally resilient and powerful, yet in this complex and chaotic world, it can be difficult to find balance and joy. On our quest for growth and meaning, when we align with our values, we build our resilience and gain insight to help our communities and workplaces thrive. 

With a deep commitment to social justice, Kristen values all voices. She founded FLX Women, a community leadership forum that engages women through dynamic experiences that empower, inspire and connect. In 2019 FLX Women held its inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference.

After three decades as a Professor of Communication and senior leader in higher education, Kristen made the leap to entrepreneurship to continue her journey helping others transform. She brings a powerful combination of expertise and empathy, using knowledge of communication practices, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and leadership theory to help clients set priorities, improve performance and take actions that align with their authentic values and goals.  

Kristen holds a master’s degree in Human Communication from the State University of New York and is an Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She has certification from Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Immunity to Change model, certification in Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from Cornell University, and certification in Academic Leadership from the State University of New York, and has been trained and certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction , Mindful Leadership and Organizational Mindfulness practices.

Kristen’s mission is to help others transform their lives so they can live and lead with vitality. She transformed her own career when she stepped away from burnout and dissatisfaction to create a life filled with purpose and presence. A skilled coach, compassionate leader, and dynamic speaker, she is a lover of books and mountains and a collector of rocks, ideas and passport stamps. She finds joy with her husband, two adult children and six siblings.  She reminds each of us: “You are the Leader of Your Life.”

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