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Life & Leadership Coaching for Smart Professionals Who Want to Have More Impact

Build a vibrant, connected life and career.

Are you ready to grow, make a bigger impact and feel more aligned in your work and life? You’re working hard, juggling career and personal life, trying to make positive change and transform as a person. Maybe you've taken on a new role and you're ready to live into a bigger version of yourself, or maybe you’re feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and not getting the results you want. You’ve achieved and made progress in your career, yet you don’t feel the satisfaction you expected. Sometimes the struggle is with challenging relationships, seeing from a new perspective, or applying a new skillset than what got you here. You're ready for something more meaningful. You're ready to show up in a new way.


Leaders are asked to live on their "learning edge," yet feeling out of tune with yourself (or others), overwhelmed or in a rut can sap your energy and make you worry about burnout. Even when you’re doing “pretty good,” you may want support and connection to truly take your next bold steps. Maybe you feel a deep yearning for something more - a different kind of life, a desire to excel, have more influence and even have more fun! You may not know exactly what your “more” is. That’s OK, that’s where coaching comes in.

Coaching Is A Catalyst To Gain
Insight and Create Real Transformation

Coaching spurs transformation because it's an opportunity to gain deep insight about what's happening in your life and leadership so you can take action to work and live at your highest level.  Develop resilience in all you do and courage to be who you really are. Coaching helps you become more YOU.

Resilience is our ability to “bounce forward” and grow from all of our experiences using practices that build strength, balance and joy. Doing the inner work of building self knowledge and self acceptance creates a solid foundation on which to build skills, create the life you want and perform at your best. Even if you think you don't know what you want, let alone how to get there, I can be a supportive bridge to help you get from here to there. 

Investing in yourself by working with a coach is your first breakthrough towards the growth you’re longing for…


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Megan Clifford

Megan Clifford LCSW, Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Instructor

I was thrilled to work with Kristen when I launched a new solo business after 18 years working for other people. She provided encouragement and challenged me to push myself in directions I had not thought of to create the new practice I wanted!. She helped me shift my thinking when I had setbacks and reframe them as learning opportunities. She was always available for consultation when I had questions. I highly recommend Kristen for professional coaching services."

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

The Vibrant Life and Career
You Want is Possible


Growth is a dynamic shifting into new form; sometimes as an expansion, other times as a stripping away of obstacles and impediments. The first step can be scary, but we all know that “every journey starts with one step!” We can shift from anxiety, fear and doubt into strength, clarity and confidence; from languishing to flourishing.


You’ll learn to lead yourself consciously so you can lead others, build genuine relationships and find the sweet spot that connects your strengths, values and purpose.


Getting deeply connected to yourself is the first step on the quest toward your potential and empowers you to make real change in your world.

Barbara Wilcox

Barbara Wilcox, Rochester Works

I was experiencing low confidence with my leadership communication skills and was unsure if I should or how I could negotiate salary.  Working with Kristen not only increased my confidence and assertive communication skills, but also provided me with tools to lead others. This aided in my ability to negotiate salary upon being handed increased responsibility & job tasks."

You Are the Leader of Your Life

If you don’t take charge of your life, who will?

After setting goals and gaining clarity, discover and dismantle obstacles in your way such as mindset, limiting beliefs, burnout, or interpersonal challenges. By consciously connecting to more meaning and understanding your strengths and values, you’ll be empowered, energized, capable and motivated!

Find your own true north, your inner guiding principles, to confidently navigate through challenges with trust in yourself.

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Stop wishing and start acting. 
Take the first step.


Through a series of conversations, exercises, reflections, and concrete actions, you can break through to a new way of being, activate your potential and expand your leadership influence.


We’ll use a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your life and use practices that help you ===>>>

  • Build resilience to persist and thrive through challenge, change and the shifting seasons of life
  • Connect with your unique strengths and values as the guiding force to define and create the life and career you want
  • Manage emotions and reduce stress to feel grounded and ready to make good decisions
  • Understand and clear away obstacles in your way by shifting mindset, getting rid of self-imposed limits, and interrupting self-sabotaging patterns (you may not even be aware of some of your obstacles yet!)
  • Set boundaries, define for yourself what you want, and write your own story
  • Learn and practice communication skills to connect more deeply with others and lead with confidence and vision
  • Create habits and work hacks to get more done with less burnout

Become The Leader Others Want To Follow.

Expand your leadership influence by:

  • Being an authentic leader with emotional intelligence
    who leads with positive influence and clarity

  • Enhancing your leadership presence and effectiveness so others take notice

  • Developing a reliable toolkit of communication skills to handle
    even the most difficult circumstances

  • Applying new found knowledge to better manage relationships in your team and build trust

  • Resolving conflict effectively and increasing engagement and performance

  • Practicing specific, proven leadership strategies to reach the next level in your career (like getting that promotion, finding a more exciting role, becoming an entrepreneur)

  • Growing your understanding of social justice and inclusion so you can be a force for good

  • Being a change-maker who can build community and collaborate with others in making positive change in the world

Kate Burns

Kate Burns, Human Resources Leader

The first word I think of when I think of Kristen is 'admiration'. Her superb listening skills and genuine caring helped me on my way to achieving my goals.. I  needed someone to help me see my leadership potential clearly. I reached all the goals I set at the beginning of our coaching engagement and ultimately gained confidence as a leader and team member, relationship building skills and more perspective and patience both in and out of work. I highly recommend Kristen as a leadership and life coach. Her poise, communication, strength and intelligence are what I aspire to as my best self."

How Does it Work? The Nuts and Bolts

Our coaching relationship is about co-creation.
We do it together! That means I never use a "cookie cutter" approach or a standard template. YOU are the template for our work; I'll use deep listening and connected  presence so that you can use your own genius to take action. 

The structure looks something like this:

  • Start with a “contracting meeting” to get clear on your goals and desires

  • Meet 2-3 times per month via Zoom or in person

  • Communicate via email and Voxer messenger on business days, as needed

  • Complete exercises, readings, videos and practices to gain mastery over new ideas and new skills

  • Check on progress at each meeting to stay on track 

  • Evaluate, assess and celebrate your accomplishments

  • Decide what next steps will serve you best

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Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

Coaching Creates Lasting Impact  

Your life is worth the investment.

It’s common to wonder “Am I ready to invest in coaching?” This question actually signals you ARE ready - facing a challenge, making change, and taking responsibility for your life naturally makes us uncomfortable. That is growth and transformation signaling to you; it is a new way of being calling you to leave behind what’s not working; it is your brain, conditioned to keep you “safe,” resisting the unknown. Yet...

You’re here, reading about new possibilities -
that tells me you are ready! 

It is an investment of your time and treasure and you’ll need to commit to the process to reap the rewards. However, unlike temporary self-care benefits of spa visits, shopping sprees or weekends away, this investment creates the lasting value of a changed, empowered sense of self, a new set of skills for success, and new-found confidence to live, work and lead from the heart.

Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

A Coach with Expertise
and Empathy 

You get the knowledge of a pro and the comfort of a confidant. 

Working with a coach is a widely used and accepted form of personal and professional development that helps people make significant shifts. You don't have to be "struggling" to get coaching. In fact, the most effective leaders use coaches as one of many tools to stay sharp and at the top of their game. It’s important to work with a coach who fits your needs.

I’ve spent my career helping others in their personal and leadership development. I hold the ICF (International Coaching Federation) designation as an “Professional Certified Coach,” which means I am trained, tested and credentialed by the “Gold Standard” of Coaching Associations; I bring 30 years of real-life knowledge to support your success and combine my expertise with deep listening, empathy, problem solving and genuine care for all of my client-partners.

My focus is supporting people to make positive change so they thrive and use their gifts to feel competent, connected and happy. You have innate personal power to impact the direction and quality of your life and make a difference in the world - I’ll help you tap your power!

Using knowledge from positive psychology, neuroscience, communication practices and leadership theory, we will set priorities, goals and action steps that align with your desired results.

Discover what’s holding you back and explore tools, resources, and strategies to set you on a new path forward. Learn to reconnect with your body to access your own wisdom and intuition. Tap the potential of your unique gifts, talents and interests. Become a force to make a difference!

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Dorothy Evans-Flaherty

Dorothy Evans-Flaherty, Educator 

Kristen is truly dedicated to helping you get to where you want to be in your career or in your life. As a professional coach her strengths lie in her knowledge and understanding of how one’s unique life journey can distort self-perception and limit one’s potential. As an introvert, I do not find it comfortable to talk about myself to anyone. However, when I found myself overwhelmed trying to navigate a challenging time in my career, I sought out Kristen. Her authentic approach to coaching combined with her expertise in leadership, enabled me to map out the steps needed to regain my footing. If you are seeking a coach who is focused on your success, I highly recommend Kristen Fragnoli.”


Let’s connect and get started!

Take the first step forward...I’m here in support of your success!

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