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Affirmations for a Powerful Day

Do you use affirmations? I admit that I've been pretty skeptical in the past.  But given what I have learned about neuroscience, I've changed my mind.

Neuroscience tells us that our brain responds to the thoughts we have - just like worrying can activate the stress response, what we say to ourselves via our thoughts and spoken words activates various neurotransmitters, setting off all types of body signals. Using positive affirmations activates the reward centers of your brain and, with enough repetition, can actually change your brain - a process known as neuroplasticity. Also exciting... studies have shown that the use of affirmations can increase a sense of hopefulness (we could all use a boost of hope), can lower stress, and have even been shown to improve academic performance!

Using affirmations builds a more resilient brain!

I invite you to stand up, get your feel solidly planted on the ground and read these aloud. Maybe add some great music in the background, invite your learning-at-home kids to join and repeat after you, maybe even strike a power pose with each statement. I bet you'll feel energized by the end! 

I am ready for the day.

I am strong and balanced.

I am courageous and powerful.

I connect deeply to others by listening with full attention.

I am more than enough.

I am courageous.

Today I share positivity through a smile, a compliment or kind act.

I trust my internal voice.

I am guided by a power higher than myself.

I have resilience and creativity that help me solve problems.

I am flexible to change.

Change is a part of life and required for growth.

I grow and change and trust myself to handle it.

I am filled with courage to be myself.

I give my gifts to the world with confidence.

I am connected to others in the world who support me.

I conquer my challenges.

I support others and share my strength.

I have what I need today.

I am powerful and courageous.

I am inspired by and open to creative solutions.

I am full of energy.

I share my positive energy with others.

I am enough.

I am connected to something greater than myself.

My gifts and talents and ideas are valuable to the world.

I am loved and loving.

I am generous and give to others openly.

I am grateful and receive with joy.

I am powerful and courageous.

I stand up for myself and for others.

I am more than enough.


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