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Build Resilience to Live, Lead and Thrive

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Life is stressful right now – we face immense change and uncertainty so understanding more about resilience is essential!

Have you been wondering how to improve your ability to keep going without burning out? The challenge is real! We want to stay engaged and active while keeping balance and reducing stress.

This masterclass will expand your understanding of resilience and why purposely using practices to build your resilience is so important for wellbeing.

Just having the understanding of what resilience is, why we need it and how we can begin to take baby steps towards more resilience helps us feel empowered in our lives so we can take action while maintaining calm.

When you understand the benefits of resilience practices you can begin to build a lifestyle that feels more balanced, joyful, and sustainable. The positive effects of resilience extend beyond your personal growth and create an impact in your career, family, and important relationships as well! This class is a perfect starting point to jumpstart your resilience practices.

Dive into the idea of resilience as “bouncing forward” not just “bouncing back.” Learn some easily applicable strategies and discover the personal power you have to thrive in all areas of life and career. This masterclass is your first step toward a whole new outlook on how you can build resilience to live, lead, and thrive. 

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Kristen Fragnoli, Life & Leadership Coach

My mission is to help smart professionals learn the skills and practices to have the vibrant life and career they want so they can have more impact, connection, balance and joy.

A previous attendee shared:

“This was honestly one of the best programs I have attended for the National Human Resources Association. I really loved it and took away some practical, easy-to-implement techniques.”


An expanded definition of resilience and why it’s important

6 benefits of proactively building resilience so that life feels more balanced

An introduction to bouncing forward vs. bouncing back and why it makes all the difference

Easy to use strategies for growing resilience (it’s all about putting it into action!)

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.” - Jaeda DeWalt

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Build Resilience to Live, Lead and Thrive Masterclass

$37.00 USD