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Beyond Emotional Intelligence 

How Understanding Neuroscience
Improves Leadership Performance

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Have you ever faced a challenging situation, reacted in the moment then afterward wished you had handled it differently?

Ever feel so stressed it’s hard for you to concentrate?

Have you felt a racing heart or pit in your gut and wished you knew how to feel better?

These are all reactions that can come from a dysregulated nervous system!

Beyond Emotional Intelligence: How Understanding Neuroscience Improves Leadership Performance

Understanding how your brain works can significantly improve your performance at work and in life. Once you know how your nervous system functions, you can put practices in place that actually influence your physical and psychological responses.

A previous attendee shared:

“I enjoyed the ability this class provided to pause, relax, and think. We are so busy and fast-paced (and stressed). We need self-preservation and self-care, especially in this tough environment! There were good takeaways -
given the timeframe, she gave actionable items that were so appreciated.”

Kristen Fragnoli, ACC

You are the leader of your life, and using practices that train your brain will put you on the path to the vibrant life and career you are seeking.

In this brief but powerful masterclass, you’ll learn important information about your brain that helps you regulate your nervous system so you can change your behaviors and improve your leadership performance.


In less than an hour, you’ll learn four simple but highly effective “Brain Training” practices that you can apply right away on your path toward a more integrated and balanced life.

“KristenReduce stress

“KristenAvoid burnout

“KristenGet in touch with your body

“KristenLearn to be your best self by understanding the neuroscience behind your stress response

Investment: $97
Now: $57


How your nervous system interacts with the nervous systems of others.

How four main areas of the head brain function and work together.

How and why breathing activates your system to restore and renew.

Easy to use strategies for regulating your nervous system thereby growing your resilience.

A previous attendee shared:

“I loved the techniques and tips and want more action items like that!
A very, very helpful hour of my day.”

Knowledge is power and this masterclass
puts the power of your brain in your hands.